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  • Ninja Climber is a game I made for Coin-Op Game Jam. It's the first completed game I made using Construct 2. I had lots of fun and learned a ton from all the great tutorials on this site, and on the web. It was heavily inspired by the Arcade Donkey Kong. My central thesis was what if instead of running horizontally the player was forced to play vertically. The game is a bit unforgiving and has some slight issues. like the 'jump through platforms' sometimes just break? I think this is a hit-box issue, and seems like a easy fix.. Super happy with how it came out having only 2.5 days to work on it. It took about 20-30 hours stayed up all night trying to finish on time. Please enjoy

    Since this is my first post I can't give links!

    http:// gamejolt.com/games/arcade/ninja-climber/62902/

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  • Nice for a 2 days game.

    But to let you know the screen is too tall for my laptop.

  • Thank you for the feed back It's a great learning experience for sure!

    Do you know of a way to get a smaller resolution i.e. use a smaller layout and have it scale up without zooming in on any one part of the layout?.. Like a 240x160 that properly shows at 480x320?

    (on a current project of mine i'm using 320x180... and use the 'System on layout start: set layout scale 0.5') but this messes up pinned objects, but I just kind of moved things around and got it working.

    Is there a better way to do this? or should I plan my resolution in advance and scale my assets?

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