C2 app entertainment Android "Roulette School" by enfandroid

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  • This is my second app made construct 2. I exported mode cordova and generated the apk with XDK.

    It is an entertainment app for the "world school".

    https://play.google.com/store/apps/deta ... oid.school


    Roulette School is a small entertainment app with which you can simulate those who will be questioned by the teacher or professor.

    A fun game to do in class with friends, simulate those who will be drawn to be called to the chair.

    This game can be used both by students but also by teachers as a tool of interrogation random.

    Students can use it to decide who should be interviewed, or who should pay a pledge or other recreational purposes.

    Roulette School can also be used as a tool of extractions numbers.

    Play is very simple, by clicking on the individual squares, it sets if it is a school with a student male or female pupil or make invisible the bench.

    you can choose to do an extraction of all pupils regardless of male or female, or only male students or female students only.

    To begin extraction must click on the desk. Good fun.

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