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    Ghostly Garden

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    This is one of the best source codes you can find for sale. if you are looking for a game that has amazing game design, one in which the in app purchases really make people buy, you found the right listing!



    this game is for people who are looking to invest strong into a game with highly addictive features and game design.

    Game type: Strategy – Offline

    Main target: all ages

    Platfrom: iOS, Android, Windows phone

    Business model : IAP, ADS

    Flower name : Stars Sun, Gunnerball, Iceball, Bombo, Bambo

    Zombies : Zombie, Iron Zombie, Royal Zombie , Flyer Zombie

    When darkness falls and the moon rise, the zombies awake from the grave to attack the human world. Knowing this, the flowers plan to prevent that conspiracy. Let’s join companion and commanded them to stop the attack of zombies in Ghostly Gardenss.


    ★ Features of Ghostly Gardens HD:

    ✔ Many challenge levels to conquer with CLASSIC and PUZZLE mode

    ✔ 5 plants with unique skills vs 5 terrifying zombies.

    ✔ More than 4 interesting items.

    ✔ HD quality Graphics and sounds.

    ✔ Online Ranking

    ✔ Get challenge with other players around the world.

    ✔ 3 game modes – Classic – Puzzle – Endless

    Use the shop to buy powerful boosts

    Use the lab to fuse items into boosts

    How to reskin

    The code comes with complete documentation on how to reskin the game.

    If needed VMOGA studios will also provide Skype support to answer any issues you have.


    Graphics are grey scaled so you will need to reskin the game fully.


    Please, don't spam and alert random users, this will only get you banned.

    Keep your topics to this one it is far enough, no need to make multiple topics about your game.

    Don't ask people to spam for you either, that is a bad marketing strategy and not a very smart thing to ask.

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    Kyatric Hello Sir,

    Could you speak with Ashly . We need your support scirra .. We love construct 2 so much so we want your support ... Thanks

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    Wait a second by your profile you haven't even brought the full version of Construct2 and you have games on the appstore. Wow the nerve!!

    Lordshiva1948 Hello my dear ,

    If you want buy teh code let me know and i'm ready to listen about price or if you have any questions . i will be glad answer you faster . thanks

    Hello Sir PixelPower

    What appstore you talking about !!!

    If you want buy teh code let me know and i'm ready to listen about price or if you have any questions . i will be glad answer you faster . thanks

    speardev why would I want to do that? I can create what I want with C 2 or C++, C#. What can I do for you. For right price I could create game for you if you wish or anything else that need coding.

    Speardev, please read my previous post.

    This explains how to get "support" and how to behave yourself.

    This is the last warning before moderation consequences, stop pinging random people and trying to push a non-wanted sell, this is freaking spam and is not accepted in our forums.

    To help out, temporary locking this topic for now, don't create another one or this will be a direct ban.

    PixelPower: If the license has been bought on Steam, it is not necessary reflecting a medal on the account.

    This user has been banned, as they are apparently using pirated Construct 2 license for generating and selling their content. This is strictly prohibited by our licensing terms and the law. Buyer beware if you want to trade with them.

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