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  • <center>Butterball WIP</center>

    <font size="3">Play Game WIP Link Here</font>

    <font color="red">Controls:</font>

    (Also in main menu Options)

    WASD/ZQSD/Arrows = Jump,Move

    Shift or R = Reload

    Space or Right Click = Shoot

    Hold Shift Forward Forward Jump = Slo Mo Dolphin Dive

    Hold Shift Jump = Slo Mo Jump back

    *Scroll Mouse to set Camera close or far.

    Please make sure 100% browser zoom is ok.

    <font color="red">Draw/Holster Pistols</font>

    < > or 1,2 to Draw/Holster pistols

    Releasing Shift or doing any other action will cancel SloMo, You must have pistols drawn to engage SloMo actions.

    esc = Pause

    F1 = Full Screen

    Dev stuff:

    Hold ? or / = Dev View

    <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle">

    <center>Butterball WIP</center>

  • Wicked awesome game!

  • Update*

    Fixed alot

    Started going to college for, Visual and Creative arts. Should help me get this game done.


    thank you

  • Interesting! On my screen, I couldn't see the bottom of the game, so I could only see half the character, at most. However, scrolling the mousewheel corrected this by apparently "zooming." However, space and right-click never allowed me to fire. Using 21.0.1180.89 m on Windows 7.

  • RandomExile

    yeah on some screens if the user has the browser zoomed in or out it messes with my game I think? I'm going to make some sort of screen adjustment tool like on consoles.

    I'm so sorry about that I totally forgot to put the control to draw his pistols dunce hat on me. lol

    < > or 1,2 to Draw/Holster pistols

  • Consider a smaller/simpler "Loading" layout. In my browser, I have to wait 30 seconds before I see the "Loading" message.

    (Maybe it has something to do with game being stored at dropbox)

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  • Graphics hurts my eyes a little, especially that pixelated transition.

    Interesting and weird concept you got though!

    The camera shouldn't put ButterBalls right at the bottom though, would be good if I could see what was below me before I jumped or dropped into it!

  • Update 2*

    Adjusted Camera to allow better view of surroundings.

    Changed background clouds.

    Reduced size

    Increase performance

    Fixed sun

    Added alot more depth to difficulty settings.

    Ex: if (Easy) AI with gun will shoot slower, later and less accurately.

    On Hard they shoot faster sooner and more precisely. Plus take more/less damage.

    Still working on another zombie or two and a few bosses. Another level and story, I'm done. Plus College so yeah.

  • Nice to hear you adjusted the camera!

  • Update 3

    improved code 110%

    also made all stages part of one event_sheet

    so level 1 has 3 stages on one sheet etc...

    performance increase 18% I think lol


    more code improvement/clean up

    better performance

    Greatly improved Zombie A.I

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