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  • I've created a game for a friend's family run Ice Cream company called "Bush Tucker Ice Cream". The local company sells ice cream at Farm Markets and Special Events here in Adelaide, South Australia. They sell ice creams based on Australian native ingredients sourced from growers around Australia.

    Free Version:


    Paid Version:


    Please help me out and download and rate my game! Thanks a million <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile">


    You are the "Bush Tucker Ice Cream" Kangaroo "Rocky" running the Ice Cream Cart. You take orders from the cute Koalas.

    Their requests are randomly generated from different flavours and random scoops numbers 1 to 3.

    Your goal is to then collect the ingredients required from choosing the Ingredient locations on the map of Australia. Each Ingredient Location you enter contains a fun mini game. I have included timers, obstacles and various objectives to make the game suitable for all ages.

    Mini Games:

    There are different types of mini games, including:

    ★ Milking the cow using a swipe action over the cow's udders, fill up the buckets before it rains too heavy!

    ★ Infinite Jumper play, collect the ingredients jumping on the way up!

    ★ Rub off the happy locusts spawning on the sugar cane field (using swipe action helps)

    ★ Help Mr BigBee collect the floating pollen particles

    ★ Catch the falling Quandong berries but dodge the rotten ones

    ★ Try out the Memory match card game

    ★ Whack the worms!

    ★ Pop as many balloons as you can with spears but avoid popping the black ones

    ★ You have 60 seconds to find the 15 caterpillars scattered around the forest

    ★ Connect the pipes so you can catch the seeds in to the bucket

    most graphics have been obtained freely (pixabay.com), purchased from various sites, and some is property of the company. The audio is obtained from freesound.org and freesfx.co.uk

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bushtuckericecreamgame

  • Gday, looks very nice! I'm just wondering if it is a good idea to put ads and sell the app if it is already trying to advertise a small business already?

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  • Thanks. There are no ads in both versions. I created the app for my friend's business for free, so the paid version is something to assist me with the time from creating it

  • Now my first iOS app has been approved yay...

    https://itunes.apple.com/au/app/bushtuc ... 76489?mt=8

  • Nice!

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