Bus Driver 2D experience Rush[Ouya, Googleplay, Windows 8]

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  • The game itself is just a desert bus inspired game in which I was making in a group of games to take part "Keep the Cash Event" for windows 8. I made all of them with a old school arcade theme like games with scores and highscores. This game seemed to be the most downloaded, and the only one rated on windows 8 so I decided to continue development on it in my free time. To be honest this for me was one of my least favorite as well out of the bunch. I improve it till I was happy with it as well and now I am with


    windows, mac, linux

    http://undeadbobop.itch.io/bus-driver-2 ... ience-rush

    After several months I have made improvements, and added so much more to the game.

    Ouya Lite):

    The preview before release:

    for ouya.


    After a nearly a year of trying to get a game on the Ouya I finnally did it with construct 2, and cocoonjs. For the longest time Cocoonjs did not offer support but I tried anyways, got it running but when they finally added support, there was some problems which I worked on hammering those issues out by informing ludei of the problems. There still are a few issues and glitches with it such as doing anything with "On-release" for gamepads don't work with the gamepads plugin, and there is still no way for the developers to access the system button, creating glitches when the users try to bring up the system menu. Those glitches almost prevented my game from ever being published. I hope ludei just lets us have access to the system menu/back button and on gamepads just registers what ever we put for "start" to be the executed code instead. This would prevent some of the bugs at least.


    When this version first released I was charging $0.99 for the port, within the first month or so it didn't sell. After a big issue with Amazon I ended up making this version free, and the rest of the games I made in the Keep the Cash event. This was in between me trying to get it on Ouya and the Windows 8 port. I have since updated it several times but because of how much I changed in the Ouya version I will have to basically be working with 2 separate versions and updating them separately.


    Amazon from):

    I was charging $0.99 per game out of the keep the cash event I made, in which I spent a long time trying to optimize each game and making it run smoother and solve some of the simple issues of each game including this one. The games sold mmm ok I guess. But when the time Amazon came time to paying me they screwed me. They were paying me through their Payments service system, in which they pulled my payments account down for a undisclosed issue in which they wouldn't tell me. They were still charging people... They restricted and locked down my regular account, and my developer account. They wouldn't even let me pull the games down myself, the only thing they gave me access to doing was updating, changing description, and title of my already up games, so that is what I did. They didn't like what I had to say... I left a open apology to all the people who bought the games, explaining what amazon was doing to me. Amazon pulled it out of fear that it would reach some media source that they were short ending developers. So if you saw it on amazon and it was pulled that is why...

    Windows 8

    Last year I participated in the Keep the Cash Microsoft Windows 8 event in which I had complications in even being a part of. Mostly due to the requirement for you to give them a credit card as a "security measure" even though Microsoft gave my college access to give access to publish to their store for 6 months I think it was. Along with promoting the event. I had less than a whole month to make many different games to participate in it. Taking several months just to solve this problem with microsoft even allowing me to publish a few games I had already made. This version is from that event. http://apps.microsoft.com/windows/en-us/app/bus-driver-2d-experience-rush/b8d2e2f0-d112-4d2a-bfca-5a00307e48a3 Due to issues with performance at that time I had to limit the amount of objects on screen. With the money I got from this event it went right tors development for later versions, and tools.(the alpha basically). In which this version never got a update due to the fact that by the time I was done with the would be update I have already moved on to googleplay & amazon.

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  • I hadn't tried this on OUYA - but knowing it's come from Construct 2 I will tonight.

    As for the gamepad thing - Ludei have fixed this now as of last night. Compile in version 2.0.2 and button presses are detected properly - I tested my game on the OUYA last night and it worked perfectly.

    Would love to see the 'system' thing fixed though...

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