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    <font size="4">Play on Arcade</font>

    <font size="4">Play Buildvival - DropBox</font>

    I would like to present Buildvival 2.0. It's a rotating world platformer game where you collect resources to build your weapons and blocks to survive the night. Day and Night lasts 240 seconds, which means 2 mins of day time and 2 mins of night time. The game is over 350 events so it was quite a lot of work and testing, so many chances there will be quite a bit of bugs and that's where I need you guys and your feedback. I can't do graphics so there my best attempt.

    Works best in Google Chrome, although the sound in Chrome 17 doesn't work properly, it works in FireFox and IE9 but it varies on performances.

    I have a blog for it, whatever happens after this competition if it wins or doesn't I will carry on with this game improving it and adding much more to it. Click on the image above to go to the blog, I'll try update that over the weekend.

    This will obviously be on arcade as well. There is quite a lot of explaining to do to tell about the game, you will have to play to find out what each thing does, so mainly gather, build and survive on rotating circular world.

  • Anyone want to comment to tell me what's bad with it or people don't know how to play it or just don't want to comment?

  • Hey Dobandon, sorry ive been trying to give everyone input but there seems to be more coming out these days :)

    Honestly, I think the problem with your game is this:

    There is quite a lot of explaining to do to tell about the game, you will have to play to find out what each thing does, so mainly gather, build and survive on rotating circular world.

    I played the game on two seperate occasions, the first time having absolutely no idea what i was doing, the second time really trying to make an effort to understand.

    The game as it currently stands seems to lack objectives, -you run around, gather things, survive.... but why? Who are these enemy boxes and why do they want to kill you?

    You have some elements that do interest me : Upgrading and making things with the blocks collected. What I would do at this point would be to really focus on keeping the players attention (in the early stages) so they reach that point before getting bored.

  • Thank you for great feedback. The key idea about this game is to survive as long as possible., it's called Buildvival, build-survival. Every night the number of green monsters increases. So then I guess I made the spawn for monsters too long and people don't bother playing longer, so I might decrease the time. You collect resources to buy and upgrade weapons, also provided a tool called Builder where you can build your own hut out of it to protect yourself against meteors. Anyway hopefully the judges can see potential in that xD

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  • Hello, I REALLY like your idea but it needs to be ALOT more intuitive... (not everyone have played Minecraft) :)

  • Thank you, that is why I have mentioned that I will be continuing the game whatever happens, just that is how much I got to for this competition. With this world rotating feature I will be capable of having different world and even add lights to it.

  • amazing idea for C2, the sprites don't look professional, but you did it fine for a sandbox =]

    I did some sprites for various poses, and it's free to use on non commercial games, giving credits.

    Keep your job, I see a good game coming to reality here.

  • Hi

    Thank you for the comment, I'm not a spriter so that was my disadvantage but I'll be happy to look at your various poses.

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