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  • Bubble Bopper by The Wyrm Game Studio (aka stay-at-home dad / independent game developer)

    Last year my amazing wife and I decided to start our little family. Exciting yes, but it called for some major changes to the way we lived our life. I have worked in the game industry for seven years and I’ve never really been out of work for long, but unfortunately it isn’t the most stable industry, particularly in recent years. When you have a family to support it is suddenly a huge worry. So we made the decision that I would be a stay-at-home dad, try to do what I have always wanted to do and start my own studio, while my wife went back to her more reliable job.

    In February, after a very long labour, we welcomed Zeke to the world. In August my wife officially went back to work and I started my new job(s) as house husband/stay at home father/game developer. Juggling them all has been a challenge but so far I am happy with progress and it’s great to spend so much time with my son. I wanted a very simple but fun first game so that I could prepare the development pipeline (iOS, Android, Windows phone, Blackberry and more to come), One evening when bathing my boy, he was splashing around laughing and loving the bubbles. Watching him, I came up with the idea of Bubble Bopper.

    Give it a try. Basically you just have to pop all the bubbles (by touching them) before they reach the top. The higher the level the faster they move so it can get very frantic. Don’t worry though. I’ve thrown in a bunch of power ups to help you out along the way and a few of Zeke’s giggles to cheer you on. Bubble Bopper is just the tip of the iceberg. Now I will start making all the games I have been thinking up all these years.

    If you want to help a dad out please do the following:

    1. Give the game a five star rating => http://www.bubblebopper.com

    2. Like ‘The Wyrm Game Studio’ page so you’re kept informed my progress. => http://www.thewyrm.com

    3. Share the page anywhere you think interested people will linger.

    Share to keep the dream going!

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  • Pretty good game, congrats

  • It's a fun little game - a good time killer in between tasks and such. Bravo!

    I have a suggestion though. I was checking out your website. First, I would recommend a different font. It was difficult to read at best, especially with the effects. Second, I would make a mention of it being under construction near the top of the page. Also, I would move the social networking icons to the side of the page. You have so much screen real estate on the side of the page that isn't being used. Moving the icons to the side, and making them larger and more square-ish, would make them pop and draw readers attention to them.

    Other than that, your website is very creative and interesting.

  • Thanks guys. This game is actually just something that I wanted to get out there to get all my ducks in a line. I already have a queue of completely original never been done before concepts. I *think* anyway. The next one I'm working on, which I have already started, I came up with three years ago.

    mepis Good suggestions. The website is just something I'm hobbling together over time which I plan to expand with each game. When I add the next game I'll look into making some changes. Thanks.

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  • Nice work!

  • Thanks iceangel

  • ***Will also be featured in the Windows Phone Store on 20 September 2014!***

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