Brick Break (for HBGames Contest)

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  • Hi, this is my first complete C2 game. Very classic and simple, but perfect for my zero experience in game making.

    It was made with free edition of Construct 2 for the Contest.


    <center>FULL GAME POST IN HBGAMES.ORG</center>

  • Good old game are always good! Congratulations man. Very good emulation. I have nothing to say about the game. I didn't find any bug. I loved the different powers you can gain. I don't know if you will keep working on the game. If so, maybe add a background music will be cool.

    Good luck for the contest! By the way, feel free to try also my game and leave me some comments. I will appreciate. You can play it through my signature.

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  • Thank for your comments.

    I'm going to polish it when the contest is over: improved graphics, better sound and a music track.

    I reach 100 events limit but I think I can optimize it a bit, but adding new features like more items and touch controls will be difficult with free version of C2.

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