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  • Finally here is a draft version of my attempt in creating a Brainstorming tool using the C2-multiplayer plugin that I was building for quite sometime now. I plan many improvements to this tool over the coming months. I plan to host a link to this tool as well sometime soon...provided it evokes much interest.

    I feel this tool would be mostly helpful in a educational or corporate training purposes. Nevertheless, creating this tool has really helped to gain lot of understanding on the multiplayer plugin and its features...Thanks Scirra team for giving such a beautiful plugin. Thanks to Ashley, DUTOIT, DuckfaceNinja for their help in the forums....

    Here is the sneak peek video of the tool -

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    Please let me know your feedback, any improvements / suggestions on the features to improvise are mostly welcome that I can plan to incorporate into this tool in future versions....

  • I really like the idea. In SOME sensitive corporate situations this could certainly benefit from a semi-anonymous feature whereby users can post a suggestion which only the session manager can identify as coming from a specific individual. Of course users should be aware that suggestions are traceable to avoid abusive comments being made, but some suggestions may be easier to make without being attached to a specific person. A manager could use this kind of approach to float controversial ideas and get genuine feedback rather than yes-men agreement.

  • Thanks hundredfold for your feedback.

  • I am learning firebase and wrapping it into C2 plugins.

    Firebase also could support collaboration (, and more backend features. Hope I could release my plugins soon.

    BTW, parse is also a useful backend service.

  • Thanks rexrainbow for sharing these inputs. Looks like firepad is more useful for contexts of text/code editors...

  • Looks great! I wonder if is canvas plugin is usable with MP plugin. Would be cool if people can doodle on everyone's screen.

  • I too was interested to explore that. Another capability I was planning to add is a feature where a user could add an image as well...I figured out a way that for the image to show up on all screens using MP ( with reference to our discussions in the forums earlier) but as you know the size of the image is limited to 200kb or something...Needed some ideas to get around this.

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  • Oh I see, that's why you want to send picture's in and out, now that make sense. About the image size, the only method I can think of is to get the image converted into data URI, then if it is too big, send the URI in a few chunk of packet. I'm not sure whether is there a plugin to convert picture into data URI, but I think I've seen it somewhere.

  • DuckfaceNinja, I am converting the image to dataURI but the size of the dataURI itself exceeds what could be sent over on MP. So probably I need to concatenate the data packets and rebuild them...Another technique could be to use "imgur" link and probably send the imgur link to peers which they will load...that might not limit the image size....what do you think?

  • Here is a test case of sync-canvas using firebase.

    • drag at right canvas to draw
    • left-top canvas shows current color, click it to clean right canvas

    Open two (or more) client to see the sync.

    It syncs the canvas by broadcasting drawing commands in a JSON string created by rex_fncallpkg plugin.

    It is possible to sync canvas in C2's MP with the same way.

  • rexrainbow, wow that is cool! I never noticed this plugin before, it seems like a something that I should try, thanks for sharing!

  • DuckfaceNinja

    You are welcome.

    I also use rex_fnCallPkg plugin to create a callback saved into a string variable.

  • rexrainbow, This is great! will give this a try in C2. Any ideas about image sync'ing ?

  • kmsravindra

    I had tried sync canvas by URI in this test case before, the data is too large to sync in real-time.

  • Love it. Brilliant use of multiplayer. Now i see where you were going with it

    I like this very much. Good Job.

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