The Boxman Adventures again

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  • Okay last time it was a demo and now it's complete :) please try it!

    Here's a link to try the game :)

  • Fun Game! I kept sliding off the platforms. :-)

    FYI - Finishing Level 5 took me back to the main menu instead of level 6.

  • Yes that's the point. After level 5, 10 and 15 you go back to main menu... But thanks for trying the game :)

  • There is a problem with you pop-up when we click on start, I use chrome.

  • yeah, the picture gets "marked" or blue? yeah I have the same problem ... but just click on the screen and it will dissapear

  • Yup that works!

    You just need better graphics, and correct some minor bugs (like change the direction of the character when we press left, collision polygon...) and then you get a good game!

  • So what you say is that you've got to have good graphic for the game to be good? you know that it's if your having fun or not... but thanks anyway

  • Ahah no, i don't really say that, proof is that i've played 15min with your game with a real interest. So, I just try to say that your game is cool, but it would be better with neat graphism and these minor bugs correct, for me a game wasn't just the gameplay.

    I'm ok with you but why settle for the minimum?

    Anyway I was only there for constructive criticism, nothing aggressive against your game!

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  • okay well I thank you for liking my game, but it's my first game and I've had construct for 6 days... so gotta start somwhere. Thought I would learn some basic then maybe make something more difficult.

  • This is very nice stuff, you're a fast learner!

  • Well thank you ^^

  • Hi Biio - Just wanted to let you know that your link isnt working.

    I'll try again later - but i just wanted to say something quickly about feedback. If you ask your friends or family for feedback - often (if not always!) all you will hear is "Wow thats Very Good". That is why getting feedback that challenges your own perspective is particularly valuable.

  • GenkiGenga: Link works for me.

    Copy the link form the first post into your url bar and access it, it works.

  • Ah it seems IE9 is the problem, it works for me in chrome.

    Cheers Kyatric.

    From a purely technical standpoint (ignoring art assets) the game is pretty fun. Good job.

    The fact that you respawn so quickly after dieing is really good in a game like this. And some of those stages.... Stage 5 is insane - by far the hardest level in the game! I died maybe 50-60 times by the end of my playthrough.

    A couple of questions : Was the way your player interacts with moving platforms intended? Because if not hunt the forums you will find some workarounds to be able to jump properly.

    Why after every 5 stages do you have the player returning to the menu screen? The main menu button is ever present throughout the whole game - so you can get back there whenever you want! This breaks the flow of the game in my opinion and confuses the player.

    If you are dead set on keeping that mechanic then i would suggest adding ticks or crosses through the stages the player completed so progress can be tracked.

    With some good graphics we could have another meatboy on our hands.

  • Well thanks for the feedback! I will keep that in mind. Well I want to add so that you can keep track of your game, but I don't know how. I guess I have to try and fix that.

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