Bounce Sir! Bounce him and bless him with your presence.

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Bounce the ball and try to keep it bouncing and prevent it from falling down for as long as you can.
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    Bounce Sir is my first completed Construct 2 mobile game, which I worked on with my awesome little brother (that graphical genius). It's free! So go play it and spread the love! (and celebrate my two years of isolation, unexpected challenges, and self-discovery).

    Is it interesting at all?

    At a glance you might think it's another "endless runner", and you would be right. But also not right. What's weird about it is the super talkative main character (he talks... a lot... about everything), and the philosophical narrative that unfolds as you reach higher scores. "Flappy Bird" with existential angst? Maybe, but let's not get too weird.

    The game in a sentence?

    O bullickshtor!

    Thanks to you for checking it out! Do leave a comment and share your thoughts!

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  • Question: How did you make the incompatible note when running on iPhone 4S and lower? What actions did you use and events?

  • I just downloaded it; it's beautiful, polished funny and fun.

    Btw How did you made those platforms elastic ? the effect is really cool.

  • Nice!

  • llfstudios Modified the old CocoonJSAds plugin to return the model name, and compared against that. Now that Cocoon.IO is out though I'll have to make some changes for the next version. Thanks for trying out the game!

    abdellah Thank you for the kind words! The elastic effect is actually just animation. There's around 3 (I think) sets of the wobble animation for different lengths, and in game we choose which animation to display based on the length of the line drawn, so it makes it seem like there's some physics action but actually it's just animation that tries to strike a balance between memory use and reasonable-looking springiness.

    grigrizljac Thank you!

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