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  • Boss Man is a 2D sidescrolling platformer I created and released just last week. It is my first larger scale game and I'm really anxious to get some feedback on it!

    This game is also my love letter to the platformers of the 90's such as Super Mario World and Donkey Kong Country, so if you enjoyed those games you should feel right at home playing this one.

    The plot involves our main character, Leon, being fired from his job for no given reason after years of torturous work and labor under his terrible bosses. Responsible for the firing was company CEO Boss Man, who decided to personally give Leon the boot himself. After a mental breakdown from years and years of stress, Leon decides to storm Boss Tower, the place of his former employment, to take revenge on Boss Man and his corporate stooges, and maybe even restore the once reputable company while he's at it!


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    Unfortunately the game was a little too big in size for most HTML5 sites, but I have gotten it on Gamejolt and Kongregate. I am also waiting on approval from IndieDB and looking into Desura. I want to get as many eyes on this (Therefore getting more critique) as possible!

    Gamejolt (For Downloads):

    Kongregate (For Browser Gameplay):

    Hope you guys enjoy and please let me know what you think!

  • No comments on an indie-made old school style platformer? I am shocked! (Not really).

    I hope at least some of you guys gave it a try though

  • Love The idea! good work!

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  • Love The idea! good work!

    Thank you!

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