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  • Hi. Here's a game I've knocked up for the kids in the family. It's a whac-a-mole clone, with really simple gameplay. When the gonks pop-up, bonk them on the head to knock them back down. 10 points for every one you hit, you have 5 lives, each of which is lost if a gonk goes back down before you hit it. Sounds simple but it speeds up as you go, so by level 15 it's chaos!

    Remember it's for kids really so it does start slow, but as I mentioned, it does get hectic so kids of all ages can get something out of it.

    Every so often, one of the gonks will 'fart' When it does, the screen will start to fill with gas, blocking out your view. If you hit the gonk before he drops though, the gas will clear. The speed at which the gas fills the screen increases with the levels. Once the gas has reached 100% opacity, it stays there for 1 second, with nothing you can do to remove it!

    I did intend on making a hi score table, or at the very least just saving the hi score and the players name (rather than a full table) but I've ran out of events I can use in the free version. :( Another reason I need to get a license (I'm still saving for it!)

    Let me know what you think. If you spot any bugs/problems please point them out so I can have a look.

    See if you can get past level 15, that's all I've managed so far!

    Here's the link - Bonk The Gonk!

    A couple of screenshots.

  • Only level 7 :(.   Fun game, it gets a little choppy when things get hectic. Also, it seems like once you lose one life it's really easy to lose another at the same time, since you can't see.

    Good silly fun!   Thanks!

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  • Thanks for the heads up. I didn't have those problems but I'll keep an eye on it. Thanks for having a go!

  • I think I got to lvl 11, then it got REAL lol, it was almost green all the time at that point was hard to see. I love the sound effects especially when you get up to speed.

    SCORE by N7Effect, on Flickr

  • Nice range of sounds, definitely kept my attention.

    Good work.

  • Updated it to reduce the amount of farting. It was like me in the morning, waaay to often. :D

  • The link is dead, can you give us a new one, sir?

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