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    Hello! I want to share the game Bomber. Now in game four levels, but I don't hasten to do them as it is necessary to make still background music and some events. Game works only in browser Google Chrome.

    Still it would be desirable to ask how to optimize game.

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    Site with game:

  • First, Nice job on the game. The only problem I found was with the explosions. The map and character would turn nearly invisible. I am guessing this was intentional but it's very disorientating.

    If you get this going in Firefox and tweak the explosions it should be perfect.

  • Indeed, it's a bit sad it works only in chrome.

    Indeed too, the disappearance of the map on explosions is a bit too much. There's a lot visually going on, this effect is too much.

    The render on the tiles forming and sizing as you move on the map is pretty well done, and visually pretty pleasing. This has a lot of potential as a visual hook.

    Nice app.

    I'm not too fond on the sound of the explosions (too deep, too much, once again). A much quick/stiff explosion sound would be better.

    Explosions are your main mechanic, you can't make all of them a full visual/sound/etc... blast, it's too much for the player.

    I played 10 minutes, I'm tired already :)

    Another thing is about the main menu and the "control window".

    You have to click on the menu to launch the game and you have to click on "play game" to play.

    It would be better to have a keyboard control over those elements too (especially the "play game" window).

    But a good job already that previews an excellent game. Keep it up.

  • Thanks for your comments. These are preliminary options of game, and I will work over their improvement. In Firefox game shows weak fps, therefore only Chrome.

    About explosion you are right, it is necessary to make more faster that game was more active.

  • How do you make this game playable on Chrome only?

    I agreed that some games playing very slow on Firefox, but smoothly on Chrome.

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