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  • Hey guys,

    I just finished my first action game. It is a simple battleship bombardment.

    It's for two players only, there is no singleplayer mode. You have to bomb the others ship.

    You can find it on the play store and on my website In a browser you have to use the keyboard to launch missiles. It is really funny on a touch-device (tablets or smartphones).

    Waiting for scirra arcade approval too.

    Feedback always welcome. <img src="smileys/smiley17.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • nice firing game mechanic...

  • Really liked this, simple and really addictive

  • Thx for the feedback. I thought about adding more types of weapons like nuke or tesla, but I like it that simple. What do u think?

    I am working now on a simple script (KI) for the red ship to autofire so there will be a simple single player mode.

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  • you could go to town on this really different ships with smaller hulls and less weapons

    challenge modes to stop incoming missiles by shooting them down, single player style

    a bonus 'saucer' flying through the middle to up your score both get to shoot at it a la space invaders bonus saucer type thing

    separate health on turrets might be interesting

    easy addon to shop might be a hull repair for some serious hours of play against your chums :)

    depends how much you want to expand on the original which is pretty damn good and easy to play the lack of single player does make it a few games before you put it down

  • I really like the firing mechanic you made, and I think there should be an option for a health based battleship match and a time based one, like the one you already have. I feel like the time based one can drag on sometimes, and health based ships would make things a little more exciting.

    As for the shop/upgrades, I think it's fine as is. Players should be able to upgrade their ship AFTER the end of the match.

    And I agree with Binkus on adding challenges; you could have multiple small enemy ships moving side to side and try to hit them all. Score can be based on who can destroy the ships the fastest.

    Overall, good job on the game!

  • oh thank you so much for your feedback.

    I am going to ad three more modes:

    competitive: like you said, shoot common targets (invaders, aliens or something like that)

    co-op: play together against aliens :-)

    arcade: like the normal game but u have to beat diffrent genereals (cpu).

    I like the idea of giving the towers its own health. but if u have enough money u can rebuild it after it went down.

    And I am thinking of giving the speed-gun a stun-effect so you can disable the enemies defense.

  • binkus has some great ideas.

    this could become a really good, and still very simple game.

    good stuff macpk

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