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  • Check it out my first game with Construct.

    market ... ill%20life

    web version ... egill-life

    Thanks Construct!


  • Menu artwork looks beautiful! Background image was a bit blurry here, or that's just the way it is?

    Performance was good on my old android phone.

    I'm guessing you didn't draw those fish sprites yourself? I think your game would look a lot better if you drew everything yourself. Also the fonts used looked a bit to plain for me, you should experiment with a bit more "fisherman" style font.

    Also maybe you could change the way of dying a bit, set the hitbox to only the front of the mouth of the fish, because when you bump into it's fin now you die too.

    All in all, I played it for a bit, like the concept, but I think you can do a lot better and more with it.

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  • Dreqs,

    Thanks for the coments.

    So you would prefer art fish as opposed to real images? How come?

    I like the idea of the fisherman font. I design learning objects for colleges and B&I clients and we always have to stay away from funky fonts to ensure easy readability. That was my reasoning there.

    However i need to break that mentality for game design on my own.

    I appreciate the comments and suggestions.


  • Hey,

    I may have sounded a bit like an asshole, sorry for that.

    But yeah I think selfmade art works a lot better in games. It's just the combination you used that I think doesnt work too well. (real high quality fish images + a low quality water background). If you prefer the real images, I suggest putting a little filter on them. So it's gives the illusion they're underwater, now they just look like fish pasted on a watery background.

    I studied graphic design for a while, so I have to agree with what you said about fonts. But I think the font you used now is to 'safe', so I suggest trying some custom font because it will make your game look a lot more professional.

  • Nope not like an asshole at all....

    Ill play with those filters good idea. I see what you mean about the art and images combo.

    I do agree about the water background. I did rush this out to the market.

    The excitement got the best of me.

    Thanks for the conversation. I appreciate the feedback.

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