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  • Check out my new game Bloxity.

    I work at the boys and girls club and i thought it would be cool to get students to release there creativity on paper. Video game studios should seriously consider hiring kids to be full time game develepors because there imaginations are unbounded. If i could program everything they wanted to be in game it would be epic.

    The premise of the game is you control a cube named Bobby who has extraordinary powers. He can turn very small, he can duplicate himself, and he can turn into a magnet.

  • I left a comment on the Arcade. I had the same issue than the other player :/. Nevertheless, I'm not afraid of saying it, your game is very original and it has all the ingredients for a very good game.

  • Nice game, still needs some polishing. Graphics look a little dull.

    Some bugs:

    You can't enable sounds after disabling

    In the first magnet level you can jump of the layout

    It's hard to click play

    you could add a back to menu button.


    Go take a look at my project and add some feedback if you may.

  • Yea i still have a lot of work to do. I just wanted people to play it. I found a lot of bugs today. Tell me what you think would look cooler in this game. I all for remastering the graphics.

    What is dull about Bloxity?

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  • anthonykojima thanks man. I promised myself to make a better game compared to my first cow game. Ive been just trying to wrap my head around simple game mechanics that work. Since im not an artist or programmer i have to find an idea that is fun and simple. Of course i try to push myself to see how far i can go scripting wise. Sometimes things just don't go as planned lol.

    Thanks for all the feedback.

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