On block, Is this game very difficult?

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  • please tell me, if this simple game is hard? your opinion is very important for me.

    the link is here

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  • It is quite difficult, but that makes it fun. It was a bit hard to understand what to do at first but once I figured that out it was fun. The difficulty should be a bit lower for the first levels while learning the game though.

  • thank you so much, I was not sure about that, although is a beta version yet, I think that the instructions must be more clear of course!

    I am working in the full version.

  • shimo great game! It is a bit challenging though. To make the learning curve less steep I would introduce each new game element one level at a time. For example, in level 2, introduce the green block. In level 3 introduce the arrows, etc.

  • Thank you so much! Really I waited a opinion like that.

    When a developer is creating a game sometimes is not realize of aspects as the that said you.


  • Yes, slower curve, but kudos to the overall design and concept. I was addicted pretty quickly...

  • Yes I am working in a new version less dificult a funniest! <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />


    Thank you for playing.

  • Thought it was very hard, but extremely entertaining

    if the walls moved the pieces it would help, and might lead to different walls eg spiked walls to kill flat walls to move the piece

    but a great game!

  • The difficulty curve probably rises a bit too fast : you could definitely start with smaller levels, introducing mechanics and their consequences one at a time. This would retain the overall difficulty of the game, but make it accessible to anyone (that's important if you intend to sell it at some point).

    Also, there is no feedback on how many moves you have before loosing stars.

    This feels pretty polished overall, and this is a nice game.

    Keep it up !


  • every time you advance in the game appear most obstacles, objects and other elements in the game

    Valerien I still working in that famous learning curve

    Thank You for playing


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