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  • Hi there. My name is Robert and I run a indie games studio called BlackMoon Design.

    We've been around for few years and we've been using Construct2 since 2013.

    I've figured out I'll finally do some introduction post and than update it with all the things we do in BlackMoon.

    There are three reasons behind this post. First is to document and showcase our games. Second reason is to motive us to work a bit harder on the games (since once they are announced or shown to the public it would give us some incentive to finish them faster). Third reasons, the most important, is to help people understand how cool and satisfying Html5 game development with Construct2 could be (not to mention financially rewarding as well).

    Let me do some introductions first. The studio is made by 6 guys. Karol ( and Pawel ( are the two main developers (using C2 of course). There are also Kacper ( and Andrzej ( - two developers that work with us most of the time, but have their share of independence. Michal ( is a super creative graphic designer. And finally, yours trully - - I do art, animation and business development (also known as running the circus;).

    We are based in Poznan, Poland.

    So far we've made around 80 Html5 games together - most of them (67 to be exact) are here if you would like to check them out -

    Although we do other things as well (such as PC game development or occasional graphical gigs) - Html5 browser games are our primary source of income. I guess that makes us full-time indie Html5 game developers:)

    Ok - so the introduction is made. Looking forward to post about new games that we would create!

  • Hey, guys. I tried a few of these. I found the little archer game pretty addictive and the pirate kid one. With the little archer not sure what you're supposed to do later to avoid or kill the enemies as on the second horse they all show up on top (outside screen and always kill you.)

  • With the little archer not sure what you're supposed to do later to avoid or kill the enemies as on the second horse they all show up on top (outside screen and always kill you.)

    I think you've just found a bug:). We are in the process of going through the games and doing some heavy updating, polishing and bugfixing. Thanks for bringing this up:)

  • Long-time fan of your work! What's on the agenda for 2017 and beyond?

    A lot is going on actually for everyone involved. Personally I'm working on improving my older games with some extra polish thats always welcome as I want them to stay relevant for years to come - as far as I know others in studio are considering doing the same. Past 6 months I was working exclusively on deckbuilder game for steam with It will continue on this year and is coming up nicely after few iterations on prototype, but I want to throw in some extra time to create few more small games this year too as a way to blow off some "steam" and just have fun with smaller concepts.

  • Long-time fan of your work! What's on the agenda for 2017 and beyond?

    Likewise, likewise:)

    2017 is looking really good. Like PKrawczynski said - we're using the money from Html5 to fuel development of a bigger, more mature series of games. And pushing development of quick, smaller games at the same time. And working on multiple deals we already have for the games form the catalog. And trying to advocate and evangelize the Html5 development a bit at the same time (cause I feel it's undervalued quite heavily).

    As for the near future - I'll be coming to GDC in San Francisco in February. Any chance of meeting you there?

  • So - there was the Global Game Jam last weekend. I was organizing the site in my home city, Poznan, but were able to jam as well.

    I've made a silly little game called "Magical Kawaii Cyborg Girl" which you can play here :

    That's actually the first game I've coded myself in C2. Huge parts of the graphics were done by my daughter who was jamming hard the whole 48h (she's 13).

    At the same jam Karol created cool logic game for two players - check it out at

    If you haven't yet - I encourage you to join Global Game Jam next year. (or any other game jam for that matter)

  • Hey there - who's coming to San Francisco for the GDC this year? Let me know if you would like to meet and talk how cool Construct is over a beer:)

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  • So - we've made a new game in Construct2:)

    It's called "Julia's Food Truck" and it's a time management - puzzle kind of game where you have to quickly create burgers based on customers orders.

    You can play the game here :

    Or just check the quick video from the game here:

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    As usual, all the feedback is welcome:)

  • blackmoondev tried some of your games and they are kind of cool. Do you have plans to publish them under Android also?

  • Cipriux - We actually tried publishing those games on Google Play - it makes no sense at all for us. The games get few (like 10-20) downloads and that's it - while on the web we get hundreds of thousands players each month.

  • So - we've made and released yet another Html5 game:)

    This time it's a sequel to one of our previous games - Basketball Master 2 is a physics puzzle with a basketball theme. The player needs to throw the ball through the hoop. The game has 40 levels, featuring different kinds of obstacles (starting with simple blocks of removable and non-removable materials to space portals, special bouncers and wind blowers).

    You can play the game at http://basketballmaster2.blackmoondevga ... llmaster2/

    or you can just watch a short trailer if you are in hurry:

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  • Winter is coming so we have made a fun, little game to remind of you happy times of Summer Vacation!

    Find chains of vacation-themed objects and enjoy easy-going, cheerful gameplay - in other words, game as casual as possible;)

    You can obviously play it in your browser at http://summervacation.blackmoondevgames ... rvacation/

    or you can watch a quick video with the gameplay:

    All feedback is welcome:)

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