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  • I made a post about this in the How Do I section because Im lookin for more (better) ideas about how to do the destructible terrain. I decided to post here too because a lot of general players prolly wont see it in the help section and Im looking for feedback overall as well.

    This is a Scorched Earth clone thus the name =D For those that dont know Scorched Earth was a tank game where multiple tanks fight on a mountainous area and try to kill each other with various explosive rounds.

    This is a very (very) basic implementation so far. Ive only worked on it about 10 hours now.

    The idea is simple. Pick a number of players (with customizable names) bewteen 2 and 6 and battle it out in local multiplayer (no AI yet). Adjust your angle and your power to hit the enemy tanks and be the last tank standing to win.

    Its pretty simple right now. Wind effects the shots travel. Depending on how far away it spawns the tanks the full power might not be able to hit it yet.

    Anyway its basically fully playable but its simple so far.

    Arrow Keys: Adjust the shot angle and power

    Space Bar: Fires the shot

    If ppl are interested Ill expand on it. I just basically wanted to see if itd be possible to do in c2. It pretty much is.

    Blackened Topiary

    8/1/12 - Update - Fixed start screen and added explosions that leave the surrounding area blackened

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  • I'm curious about a faster way to do terrain too, I was planning on trying a catapult game eventually.

    One thing about your current method, it would be easy to turn on gravity for each of the dirt sprites, allowing you to drop enemies for damage.

    Maybe slightly faster but not as interesting would be to use tall vertical sprites like columns of dirt, when they got hit, they could slide down so far. (or reduce in height) It would cut the number of sprites from around 2000 to 80.

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