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  • Hi, just wanted to show you the new game I'm working on. It's an old school platformer.

    The idea in the game is that something has removed all the colour from the world and you have to collect pots of paint to bring the world back to the way it was. I've not fully worked out the story yet, but that's the basic idea.

    The game play requires the use of different hats, each of which you pick up as you go. In this level the hat is for extra speed, without it, you won't make certain jumps. Later on there's a hat for higher jumps and another for more strength. Still thinking of other hats and what they can be used for. Each hat has a downside, like the speed hat making the player harder to control and the strength hat slowing your movement, so you only wear them at the right times.

    Still HEAVY work in progress but I'd just like to see if anyone was having any issues before I carry on making more levels.

    I'll probably change some of the graphics especially the hats as I'm not 100% happy with them yet.

    The keys to play are LEFT and RIGHT cursor to move and SPACE to jump. Press 1 to put on the speed had once you've picked it up, press 0 to take it off. The other hats are in there (keys 2 and 3) but there's no use for them in this level. When done you won't be able to select an hat until you've picked it up in later levels.

    Let me know what you think.


    No Name Yet Platformer

  • While I'm here, does anyone know how to stop the water effect from 'waving' from the bottom of the screen. Hard to explain but stand near the water and look at the bottom of the screen, the waves are showing there, when they should be just at the top. It's the edge of the view area that causes it, is there any way around it?

  • Really I like is very good.

    The wate don�t know you tried to change the layer of the water?

    I think not are a bug but you also can try to make a post in

    the bug part of the forum

  • Thanks. Yeah, I've tried moving it about on the layer, sending to the back and even putting on it's own layer. I think it's just a WEBGL thing. I will post in the bug forum though.

    Thanks for looking!

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  • Suggestions:

    -Player needs to be bound to layout, currently can walk off edge

    -Should prevent scrolling beyond layout, if you jump too high you can see the edge of the BG

    -Need some UI elements or other visual cues to distinguish which "hat mode" is currently active

    -Player should probably splash into water instead of falling off-screen like a pit

    -Maybe try adding a "pixellate" shader effect on the water, this might make it look a bit more retro and fit in better with the rest of the game aesthetic

    Good luck!

  • Thanks for the ideas! I know about the screen edges issues, I'm still working on the layout. The water idea I will defiantly use, it does make more sense that they fall into the water there and not treat it just as a hole.

    Thanks again.


    Add a couple of things. The player now splashes into the water and dies rather than falling into a pit. Sorted out some errors on the edge of the map (seeing outside of the layer) and added some place-setter music. Will create my own music for the final game. Need to add more levels now and some UI elements (score and an indication of which hat you have on and what they do).

    You now press Q to take the hats off.


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