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  • Hi All!

    This is my first game I've shared here. I'm still a huge novice, but I wanted to create a birthday present for my son. He is an adult and is the primary digital artist for Iron Man's suit. In honer of his birthday I compiled a bunch of his art he drew as a youngling. He used to love groundbloom flowers and had a drawing of some. I used that pic for assets, and characters and robots from some of his other art I saved. The code got really messed up when I was trying to attach the match to his hand, so sometimes he will only light fireworks when facing a certain direction. I got too close to my deadline to get all that ironed out. Anyhow he really loved it and was deeply touched. I think not only that, it served as nice affirmation for him that you can teach an old dog new tricks. He said he was proud of me, I said I was glad I could return the favor.

    I figured I'd share it along with the concept of games as greeting cards.

    Gregs Groundblooms


    For some reason the sound is not working in Firefox. It has a pretty kookie song and sound effects provided by nephews, so perhaps try it in chrome.


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  • I think it's a great tribute to your son. I've thought about doing something similar for my son (he's six).

    Nice work.

  • Remember this one :3 !

    Congrats for your son ! ( I think I am half of your sons age now ... If he's 26 ! )

    Cheers !

  • Touching!

  • Very nice Auntie Val! I don't know what's better your game, or the fact that you made it with unconditional love. Your son is very lucky to have a mom like you.

    I think your on to something there games as greeting cards just might be a good niche business opportunity for you.

    Iron Man, I love those movies. Does your son know Robert Downey Jr.?

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