A Birds Life (GooglePlay & soon itunes)

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  • Hello Scirra community I am a Computer Science undergraduate at Eastern Michigan University and I have created and published a Bird Platform game. It is currently available in the Google Play Store (https://play.google.com/store/apps/deta ... life&hl=en)

    and due to my binary being rejected due to a small mistake in xcode it will be available soon in Itunes.

    Please feel free to leave feedback, and rate this application

    Thank You.


    So far birds have been angry, happy, and flappy, but these are only a few aspects. Now you can fully live "A Bird's Life" from sunrise to sunset in the all new bird platform game for mobile phones. Soar through the landscape avoiding trees, and Bee-Hives. Collect "Egg Coins" to purchase other playable birds. Oh....!!! One more thing, watch out for those sneaky chameleons!

    Sick of annoying ads?

    Purchase the ad free version, and support the developer who is currently an undergraduate.


    • Touch Screen play
    • In Game store with changeable birds (One upon release & more to come with update)
    • Disappearing chameleons
    • Arcade Style Highscore & Gameplay
    • 2D Platform Graphics
    • Often Updates & Bug Fixes


    THANK YOU!!!

    For All Ages

    Created By: Jalin D. Howard

    Tags: a,birds,bird's,bird,life,jalin,howard,mae,flappy,angry,games,addicting,twitter,instagram,facebook,game

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  • wow, looks very good, congrats

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