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    just finished my new game, I'd love to hear from anyone willing to give it a try what you think of it.

    It started out as an idea to simulate property flipping, buying a run down house, making improvements and selling it on for a profit. I decided to make it birdhouses you buy and sell as it seemed more fun and cute.

    My last two games were pretty much dreadful and barely worthy of being called games, since this one turned out a bit better I feel like sharing with you guys. It was the most relaxed development process of my short game making career, I credit that to having planned things out before hand and getting most of my graphic assets set before diving into Construct 2 and making a messy game with messier code.

    Thanks guys

  • Wow, very good game, but you can only wait or sell ? when i buyed a new house i just try to sell it to see more or less which is the initial price.

    So my recomendation is to add a go back / cancel button to improve or edit a littler more the house.


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  • Actually it is really nice game as game type. However you must think to add some challanges to make player feel "achived something". Because there is no losing in this game right?

    • You may add a so called competitor to make player want to be more successful.
    • You may add "trends for 3-4 months" to make player sell current house quickly (may be with less profit) to make more profit with the trendy one.
    • You may give some deadlines or achivements to make player feel successful.
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