Big Tower Tiny Square - Released on Steam!

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  • Hey Everyone!

    My game Big Tower Tiny Square has been released on Steam! It's a subversive take on platformers. In this game There Is No Princess - Only Pineapple!

    The original web version of Big Tower Tiny Square has nearly 1 Million plays across multiple web portals and was featured in a Vsauce D.O.N.G. episode.

    Focuses on being a tough, fair, and funny experience.

    The entire game is one giant level broken up into arcade-like single screen sections


    Steam link: ... ny_Square/

    Hope you give it a shot!


  • Gameplay looks solid. Reminds me of Super Meat Boy.

    My question may sound stupid, but is there any checkpoint when you die? It is one giant level and I don't quite fancy starting from the very start every time I die.

  • Thanks! Yes it is a bit Meat Boy-esque. Tiny tiny meatboy.

    There are a ton of checkpoints. My design philosophy was to break down each single-screen sections into a series of challenges each with there own checkpoints - like mini levels within each level of the tower. Doing the whole tower in one life would be quite the accomplishment...

  • Just bought your game, going to play it later tonight & il leave a review as well

    Thoughts & Questions:

    • Trailer was good! Really enjoyed it.
    • Why no mac/linux? NWjs allows this export really easily, while it is a small % of steam users on those platforms, they do exist, ie me lol (I do have a secondary windows PC)
    • I really liked the all in-one level concept. Is everything loaded at once? Or are you dynamically turning things on/off as you can see them?
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  • Hey thanks Dude!

    I haven't done mac/linux yet because I haven't had enough time to adequately test them. Once I'm sure the PC version is all ironed out then I'll do those ones next!

    The map is loaded off the start and most of the objects were placed using a tilemap system then replacing the tiles with the proper object (eg: the saws). Then the behaviors for any objects are turned on/off depending on whether they can be seen or not. Took a while to optimize!

  • Sorry about the lateness, I got kinda side tracked!

    I enjoyed the game :) Fun little platformer, I really liked the little people who talked to you, breaks up the action nicely & adds a bit of charm. I also enjoyed bouncing on thier heads, good stuff :D

    A few small issues/features that I found that I think would help the game long term:

    • Ability to turn off the volume of sfx / music independently (I would looooove this)
    • Volume slider or up/down buttons of some sort as opposed to mute/unmute
    • The spinning saws, when placed under a block, clip, ever so slightly through. So if you are sliding down the block, you die before you slip off, as the corner of a saw hits you. The saws could be made to be ~5px smaller which would fix this I think.

    These are all very small things, so no worries if you can't implement them.

    Also, I left a positive review on steam :)

  • Thanks for the feedback (and the positive review)! Yes going forward on future games I think I will put more effort into the 'quality of life' type improvements - I made the sound controls super simple because I hated dealing with the UI and was getting frustrated. I actually had the spinning saw blades just how you described them in the web version of the game, but I got a lot of complaints about them being unfair because the players couldn't see them all that well. I like the idea of punishing the player for being sliding down a wall too long or being too indecisive about their jump.

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