Bicephal' Nightmare : the only bicephaleous shoot-them-up

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  • Hi everyone !

    We are very happy to finaly say : Bicephal' Nightmare is out !

    You can check out the trailer here :

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    It's a small game made by three Belgian friends during their free time.

    You can buy the game for 3$ here :

    Those 3$ are just to there to change our tools for the next game and pay us a little, because as students, we did that instead of a small job...

    Our game is an insane, Bicephaleous arcade shooter where you control a spaceship on each side of the screen, avoid asteroids and kill aliens.

    There are multiple game modes, Get Good, Big Run and Arcade with others in the making. I the first one you'll have to kill a set number of Aliens to get to the next level. In Big Run you have to stay alive the longest possible time and increase your score by killing aliens but if you die you'll loose everything and in Arcade there are a different affixes that can change the way you play, such as Black Holes, Mini-Bosses and Asteroid Walls !

    The game is all about bragging of your high score in front of your friends !

    You can play coop too by sharing a controller with a friend but be careful not to shoot each other as everything that goes through one side of the screen comes back the other way for the second player !

    It was a very cool adventure for all the three of us, and we sincerely hope that you will enjoy our game !

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