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An amazing and interesting puzzle game for kids!
  • Hey, everyone! Beggar Blocks is my latest HTML5 game and I just published it on Game Jolt. It's a colorful and simple match-4 puzzle game with a unique twist: you rotate pieces instead of swapping. Timed gameplay rounds keep it short and fun and I also added high score boards and Game Jolt achievements to keep it interesting.

    I would love to get some feedback on gameplay and overall design/aesthetics!

    Took me about two weeks to make in C2 and I was inspired by the match-3 puzzle game tutorial in Tuts+ and many of the wonderfully helpful folk here on the forums!

    Thank you!

  • Nice game!

    I usually don't read the instructions to a game first - just dive in. I'm a big fan of matching games. If there was a little hint "match four" in Orchard's speech bubble right at the beginning that would have been perfect. I was trying to match three, then make rows.

    It would be nice to have more sound and visual effects when you match four - especially if you match the bonus color. Maybe the dog barks or something? If you have a cascade, maybe something bigger happens? I love getting feedback for game accomplishments. Like mini achievements.

    The timer is very subdued when your eyes are scanning the board. Perhaps it could pulse a little when it changes colors? I didn't notice it until my third game.

    Overall, very polished. Great job!

  • Great game, i enjoyed playing it despite all that cuteness

  • derickc Your suggestions are amazingly helpful, especially the tip on using the speech bubble for instructions. Definitely adding that to my updates list. Also, there should be visual effects (particle effect) and different sounds when you make matches / bonuses / combos. Are these not playing for you at all? I would love to know what browser / OS you're using if so, I'd like to troubleshoot the issue. The timer going unnoticed is actually what I hear about the most so thanks for the tip on that too!

    Gregory19821 Hahaha, I apologize for the sickening cuteness I'm trying to understand what you mean by that issue you're having, does the game fully break for you when that happens or is it something where you just wait a few seconds for it to fix? I have checks running that are time-based so that may be the issue. I've never thought about submitting the game to Google Play, thanks for the suggestion!

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  • avashly I will try to explain it. At random time but not at the very beginning square that selects 4 gems to manipulate freezes for maximum 2 seconds and im unable to move it smoothly. It moves but not by 1 place but by 2 or 3. So lets say we have 2 dimensional grid 5x5 and im on position x0 , y0 normally i can move to x0 , y1 or x1 , y0 or x1 , y1 or whatever but when this freeze occurs i move mouse to position where square should jump to lets say x0 , y1 but it doesn't and when i move mouse further it jumps straight to x0 , y2 also mouse clicks don't work for this short time, it's 1 to 2 seconds. After it ends everything works perfect again. I tested it on chrome yesterday and today i still have this issue but today i also played using firefox and maxthon and I didn't noticed this thing, so it's only on chrome in my case. Maybe it's my browser, i have couple plugins installed.

  • Gregory19821 I think I've been able to duplicate the issue, going to go see why this is happening. Thank you so much for helping and going into detail!

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