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    Laaaaaaadieeees and Gentleman.....

    finally, from the woody woods of Beaverland, here comes an uprising star of the mobile game genre....

    The first and very unfinished, but still lovely and playable version of our Hipster-BeavEmUp Game, from our Beavarena collection for 2-Player Minigames on one device.

    This is of course a desktop version, but it?ll give a feel of how it will be and look like on mobile. Because of the controls, which were made especially for mobile devices, there may be some bugs we try to erase in the next days or weeks.

    Everybody that is interested in how our further development will be and look like is absolutely welcome to like our site!

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    Our team has got 3 members at the moment. aerirprown, who programs the games, another dude who?s already making the music, and me, making art, webdesign, animation and even programming just a very little bit. It?ll take sometime, but i guess we can bring together a lovely little collection of minigames.

    Feel free to like, comment, critizise, ask etc and have a nice one, beavers!

    PS: Some more WIP-pictures of other minigames that make their way into the collection:

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    <img src="" border="0">

  • Love the theme. It looks like you guys have a good team going. Website looks good, you have a clear vision and theme right from the start and that is so important. Keep us posted.

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  • We definitely will!

    As you say, our team is great and developing is really funny and very effective as well. Glad you like the art style. :-)

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