Beat Team 2D Platform Beat'm up

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    A gicantic Pacoca Candy fell down to Earth. Now you will have to beat your way through insane monsters and unique levels, controlling teams of 3 characters each and get the Paçoca's power for you. The Beat Team is a comedic 2D platformer beat 'em up in which you control the fate of unlikely characters bound togheter by circumstance, arranged neatly in teams of three each.


    As mentioned earlier, the game is a plaformer beat 'em up in which you can control up to three characters per levels. The player can freely switch between the characters currently in their party in order to achieve different goals, seeing as each character has their own unique abilities and playstyles.

    The story mode currently has four campaign scenarios that tangentially relate to each other, each featuring it's own set of characters, levels and stories.



    The player can select any of the 12 playable characters (plus 8 unlockables via the campaign missions) to fight in a one on one match against AI or other players.

    Characters ... 1_1280.png

    Zaar The Master of the Minions

    Jora The Lost Soul

    Hopz The magic girl

    G-bot The robot

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  • I like the look of this! Do you actually have a Wii U devkit right now or did you just apply for Wii U development?

  • Really nice work! I like so much the entire animations! Did u use simple animation or the Spriter app ?

  • All animations were made on Spriter, i have an ouya i really don't know how Wii U works

  • Looks awesome! Kinda reminds me of Castle Crashers, which is a good thing. Nice job!

  • good work - congratulation


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  • its awesome..

    I want to create game like this, would you explain how to create player only walk in the walk area without penetrate the background?

  • Your game is looking really good! Nice contrast between the background and the character!

  • New stuff

  • Great stuff ! How did you made theses graphics ?

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