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  • Hello!

    My first game was a bit too ambitious for mobile, so this time I'm going to start out simple.

    This game is my take on the endless runner style. Like with platformer games, there will be branching paths in levels. Adding to that will be secret warps that will take you to challenge rooms and bonus zones.

    Story is simple, Baxter is at the beach with a sack and metal detector in tow. He finds some shiny coins in the sand and is completely in awe of his new shiny treasures... as he looks around he sees more scattered on the island, time to collect them all! Reginald Rumpshire, famed animal collector takes the opportunity to capture this rare lizard while he's distracted by coin collecting.

    The main goal is to help Baxter collect as many tokens before you die.

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    One button will control your jumps and gliding, you can jump up to four times in mid air to gain extra altitude. Still torn on if I want to make the jumps and glide two separate buttons, trying to keep it as simple as possible.

    Maybe make 80% of the screen act as the "button" and you can tap to jump and swipe to glide? I'll have to work on that. Also, I want to make a demo fore the Scirra arcade since I missed my chance with the first Baxter title.   Right now the demo is 9.3 MB but I might be able to squeeze in another level and make them interloop.

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