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  • My second c2 thing - posted it to Scirra Arcade:

    Classic collect-stuff-within-time-limit game. Made it for Icelandic company Freyja manufacturing candies, as a part of their easter campaign.

    Made in collaboration with Danni Svavarsson (tractor model), J�i Bjarnasson (sound) & Evana Kisa (gfx). I'm responsible for the idea + game dev + general art-direction + layout & worlds design (based on artworks made by Evana).

    Controls: Left + Right + Up arrows to control the tractor. Enter to start the game/go to the next level. 'Haestu skor' link in the bottom stands for highscores.

    Well. Enjoy. :]

    All comments/advices are very welcome.

    <font size="2">sidenote: there's a really annoying bug regarding the text object/usage of webfont and its position on the screen. level & score digits are a bit off - on mac they're ok. on a pc they're few pixels down. a bit more in chrome, less in firefox, but still, way off. anyone has a solution to that? anyway, i'm gonna post it on bugs forum later.</font>

  • mjkl

    hi i tried your game, it looks great, but I had no control over the tracter, I lost him off screen aswell. Using the arrows for up, made the whole screen move too.

    my partner also had a turn thinking I was doing it wrong but the same happend to him

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  • mineet The arrow keys controls left and right directions, and up to jump obstacles.

    The graphics are nice and the sounds too, but the game is so... confusing. When the character is out of the screen you are completely lost, and in most situations the vehicle and trailer make weird things. Is so hard to take the raining balls, and ultimately you only can move left and right to try to be lucky and take some balls until the time is out.

    The idea is not bad, but on my opinion, you need improve the gameplay. <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Kuso


    yes I understood which keys to use, but the left arrow didn't make much difference. and moving right moved me off screen at times. I agree with you it was confusing to play. I did like the graphics though.

  • Nice graphics and music. I was able to control the tractor without any problem. Fun, little game.

  • Very nice game. I don't like the obstacles, because it's making hugely random your difficult, but the game idea is nice.

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