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  • Hey guys! Check out our latest game: Barrels & Bulls.

    Description: A whole mess of bull dodgin', barrel divin', and other clown-related fiddle faddle await in Barrels & Bulls. With room for a partner, players can take on bulls with a friend or by their lonesome. Be quick on your finger, cause the bulls don't take kindly to lollygaggers. Barrels &Bulls is comin' soon to the App Store!

    I'm open to feedback, this is considered our demo while we continue to expand for an iPad release. Just picture playing this on an iPad, wouldn't that just be lovely?

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  • Well it took me a few goes to work out what to do.

    Very professional looking game.

    Only tried it up to now with pc/mouse - I will try to have a go later on ipad (assuming the demo uses touch ?)

    1 1/2 beards made me smile - cool name. But what do you have against clowns ?

  • Thank you! We'll be adding some instructional screens to final version, but want to keep the non-game UI minimal. Did you notice the Drawing Prompt that automatically spawns? If not, we should try to find a way to make it pop more. Touch is definitely in there, but I haven't tried going to the Kongregate site via iPad. If you try it later on iPad, I'd love to hear how it worked out for you.

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