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  • hi people,

    i am trying to make a retro style (the only style i can draw something,)simple but entertaining game (like most of you i suppose).

    i made the one below. that's not finished, we can accept that as a prototype. i am asking your advice on these subjects:

    • does it worth developing?
    • should i change the core mechanics, or just try to improve this one?
    • do you spend time for a game like this?
    • etc.

    please don't hesitate to give "harsh" advices.

    thanks in advance.

    here is the

  • Hello ebrar,

    if you enjoyed coding this level, why not just carry on. Some sound effects, a power up and a boss guarding the exit would spice it all up.

    Since there are ghosts chasing you, a medieval tileset would fit better. I like the dude, don't know about the clouds?

    Have fun


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  • I agree with , if you are enjoying it, keep developing it. If not, move on to your next idea.

    One of the awesome things about this artform (computer games) is you can reuse code in other projects. So maybe this idea doesn't go anywhere (for you), but you may develop something you can use in another game.

    Just keep going as long as you are interested in it. No use burning out on it either, so it's ok to drop it too. It's also ok to have MULTIPLE projects going at once. Most important thing is to just keep at it!

    Good luck!

  • thank you both guys :)

    i'll keep developing it then. for now at least.

  • and here is the finished version of my surrealistic little game. I'll only add sounds later maybe. This was an experimental project anyway.

    Enjoy. There is a highscore list too :)

  • Nice game! Simple and very retro style but fun!   <img src="smileys/smiley20.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Thanks kuso. Glad you enjoyed it :)

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