Banquet of Souls

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  • This is a game / musical instrument developed in Construct 2.

    You can read about it and play it here...

    Banquet of Souls

  • amazing graphics and super performance on the game, i really liked it

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  • birdlantern, this is amazing! While the graphics are relatively simplistic (being monotone), the game is so artistically rich, it's stunning.

    I'm desperately hoping for some advanced audio capabilities in C2 myself. I'd really like to delve into creating a modular app along the lines of Max MSP/Pure Data, something quite simpler but capable of interesting stuff. So I found it interesting you mentioned Max MSP in the article.

    Looking forward to seeing how this one progresses.

  • Really cool graphics dude. I hope you will still work on your game.

    I loved the atmosphere.

  • Thanks for your kind feedback guys. I'm looking at developing it in chapters so it doesn't blow out into an unmanageably large project as can easily happen with games when working solo.

    I envisage that each chapter could be totally unique in terms of gameplay mechanics, story, audio systems, colour schemes, etc, but I'll see how time goes and if collaborators emerge.

    I should add also that Starquake by Stephen Crow was a big influence :)

  • Ugotsta

    I agree -- once someone creates a full synthesis / effects processing system for Construct 2 the potential for instrument design will be incredible!

    I'm hoping someone finds a way to incorporate libPD or some Max equivalent so we can control patches from Construct's event sheets.

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