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  • I completed my app for android which is now available on the google play store to download. And it's free (ad based).

    It's called, 'BANG! Sound Effects' and yes, it's another sound effects board of mine. The games will eventually come. I've got several in mind.

    Basically, it started off simple. But then I went a little crazy on it by adding vibration (if device supports), screen shake, flashes to represent muzzle flash, simple smoke blast and particle blasts. It all happens at the push of button. Thanks Scirra! :D

    I hope you like the app. All I ask is for a rating and/or review of some sort on google play if you enjoyed it.

    BANG! Sound Effects on Google Play

    Just as a note. I wanted to implement an FB like button, but was semi-successful at that. FB had a 'like' generator that gave an http: code which I used. When it connects to the link, the text is very tiny. I'm assuming the page opens up in desktop mode and not mobile mode. Changing the link from facebook to m.facebook didn't work either. Has anyone had success on this?


  • Looks interesting, set to download to my andriod shortly. I assume since Google Play is Android you used PhoneGap to export and build an .apk? Can you give a few details on the steps you took to get this to Google Play?



  • I used Ludei's cloud compiler to build the apks.

    The output build from C2 is a cocoonjs .zip file which is then uploaded to the ludei's site for compilation.

    They send back two apk's, one a debug signed file that you can install and test but not upload to google play.

    The other is an unsigned apk file that needs to be signed to be store ready. I sign and zip align the apk automatically with a batch script I wrote. It does this all in one fell swoop.

    Now with the signed apk, I upload to to Google Play, enter all necessary information and wait a few hours to show up in the store.

    That's basically it. Hope it helps.

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  • I'm happy to say that the app is also now available for iOS in Apple's app store.

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