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  • I created my first game through Construct 2, and I've released it to my own personal website.

    I actually released it a couple weeks ago and have released one more since, but I just recently updated it and made it far better. I wasn't particularly proud of it before.

    I'd really appreciate any opinions on the game, and suggestions to improve it.

  • Hi Grimwolf, I played your game for a bit, and here's what I thought.

    I like the Limbo-esque artstyle, I like the angry birds style gameplay, and I like the precision control I can get over the Balista.

    On the other side, I felt that there was too much trial & error to learn where the zombies were. Having a way to survey the map would make a huge difference for being able to plan shots, you could also offer things like a visual representation of your last shot (ala Angry Birds) and perhaps your last angle and lbs listed somewhere, so you have a reference for your previous shot when considering your upcoming one.

    I also found your instructions screen to be not completely clear, but was fine once I got into the game and started exploring it (I struggled with figuring out where to click at first, but sorted it out quickly enough)

    Also, given that this is your first C2 game (I don't know your history in game development) there are lots of us here that are happy to help you with any questions you might have about how to achieve various things you're looking to have in your game :)

  • I have been considering how I could go about giving a better view of where the zombies are. One option I considered was having some camera buttons. One would center the camera back on the ballista, and the other(s) would either cycle between showing each zombie or allow you to move the camera freely.

    I need to be careful about limiting it though, because a large aspect of the game is memory.

    The layout is heavily randomized to prevent people from just memorizing where everything is over time and what settings you need to use to hit each one.

    Theoretically, in no two games should everything be in the same position.

  • From the title I expected a Plants Vs Zombies like game :p

    (I'm making one atm!)

    Anyway, I launched the game but I'm getting terrible frame rate here, making it quite impossible to control the ballista

    I suspect this effect in the cloud to be quite cpu intensive, do you really need that?

  • It may be, though I don't know why. It's just a single warp effect attached to the tiled background.

    I did notice this though when I tried it on my tablet. Using the Chrome browser all Effects would refuse to render but it would run fine, and in the Firefox browser everything would look as it should but it would run like crap.

    What are you trying to run the game on? I assumed it was just my tablet being garbage but I may need to remove that effect.

  • Same thing on Firefox and Chrome for me

    Okay I have an "ancient" cpu, but when there's "nothing" happening it should be smooth really

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  • Yeah, I think the issue is that the effect is covering such a massive area. I guess I'll have to get rid of it.

    If you wouldn't mind checking it out again, I'm going to work on removing that effect. I should have it up in like half an hour.


    It's up.

  • Yup that was it, all is smooth now :]

    Then you could just have an infinite scroll on your clouds, like this,

    and it would work just as well if not better than your old effect

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