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    After seeing the lighting effect example, i decided to make this simple puzzle game. Still only 4 level yet, but i have many ideas in my mind. The coins are currently useless, but you can collect them for fun. <img src="smileys/smiley9.gif" border="0" align="middle">

    How to play? Watch your step, and move to the green circle. Be careful and give me feedbacks please. Thanks! <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle">

    Play the game:

    Music: Kevin MacLeod

    A big update is on hard working. Sorry for any inconvenients caused.

  • Nice, good so far, played up to the last level! Love to see where you're going with this; also really like the idea of having to turn on some lights to see where you're going.

    One suggestion that you don't have to take into account is maybe making the players view slightly further in front of him? But keep the same distance around him =)

    But yeah, well done so far!

  • Thank you Haematite! Some of my friends say it's good too.

    I'm thinking of making an upgrade system (using the coins) where player can increase the character's sight range, and maybe reduce the sine effect (from your suggestion).

    Thanks again. :]

  • A very fun game .. finish it and want more !!

    Suggestions : less "pixel" effect on objects and specially lights, area to display owned items... a question why lights go thru walls ? .. if walls have not 100% opacity it will be more "logical" captain ! ;-p. Perhaps something to think about "bounce" and ball ... secret passage and moving walls could be fun too.

    I've found the difficulty progress very well done and the game too ;-p ... keep working it's good !

  • Another thing just for you about dropbox ... avoid spaces in names and folders ... if using some plugins (playtomic leaderboard C2 plugin for example) it could prevent you to use some features.

  • Thanks for the hint and great suggetions naelian!

    Yeah i knew the lights are unlogic, but changing will affect the whole gameplay. I'll keep that in mind when making ball tribute 2 maybe ;)). Hope i can handle the rest suggestions, those are great.

    Brace yourself, a huge update will come in 2 or 3 days.

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  • hylists

    Yes, it's true about lights ... it's why i suggest you to give walls a kind of transparency effect ... this doesn't affect gameplay at all. But it's not really important .. it's just to avoid stupid questions ask by stupid men like me ! ;-p

    I wait for your next update !

  • Oh i understand, sorry for misreading. That's totally doable.

    Stupid men are really helpful i think. :D

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