B For Badass - A new school Run'n'Gun

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  • Hi everyone,

    I'm proud to show my game B For Badass : dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/23569593/B%20For%20Badass%20-%20Prototype.rar

    It's still a pre-alpha build with many buggs but the game is totally playable !

    We start an IndieGogo campaign too : indiegogo.com/projects/b-for-badass/x/5201730

    B For Badass is a new school Run�n�Gun game about a badass metalhead called Garrett B. Hustain. And you know what they did? Well, they took his hard earned beer, and everybody knows, you dont take a metalheads beer. Actually, taking a metalheads beer often has some pretty dire consequences like some smashed skulls and broken ribs. And thats exactly whats going to happen. But before he starts his murderous rampage he has to know, why would they take away his beer? What did he ever do to them? As it turns out a new mayor was elected, Garret doesnt really keep up with that politics crap because hes too busy rocking out on his guitar but this new mayor guy seems to be working real hard to get his attention. It looks like this new donkey actually hates metalheads, and is willing to do anything and everything to keep them out of the city.

    So this is a New School Run�n�Gun game. Whats new school? Well, New school is a term we�re using where we�re keeping a lot of classic old-school elements of Run and Gun games but adding modern game design into the equation to deliver an old-school but very polished and smooth experience. The player will have 4 ways of dealing hurt on his enemies; a shotgun, throwing axes, a charge attack and using the power of metal through his guitar. The game will include a scoring system and this is a key feature of the game. Things like number of ennemy killed and finish time will be included but we have also included a combo gauge that will fill by hitting enemies in rapid sequence and keeping this gauge full for as long as possible will be primordial to getting high-scores.

    It will be a pleasure for me to answer your question !

  • This is made with c2 ?

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  • Feels oldschool with a good combination of abilities and limitations. I think the starting keyboard controls could be better like maybe make moving left and right A and D and abilities something like J K L. You do have a way to set your own controls which is nice though. Game is responsive and animations are well done. I would suggest adding it to the Scirra Arcade to give it a little more exposure.

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