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  • Plz play mai gam

    it is Bad Elmo

    in it elmo Shots tha anger face

    also he is bad

    thank you

  • 1.) At least try to make coherent sentences (you are making little to no sense) and use some basic punctuation, such as capitalizing the first word of each sentence or ending them by a full stop.

    2.) Please try to pay some attention to your spelling, being lazy about this is attractive to no one.

    3.) If you want us to play your game, give us a link to it...

  • Whoa there Mr. Serious pants, that post was CLEARLY a joke.

    About the link to my game, I couldn't post one. Wouldn't let me.

    So if you would like, you can click on my name, and then the game on my profile, and have a good laugh. You could use one.


  • Stiivais ,

    It was a trap ! Look at his name , this guy is obviously a lure ...

  • Whiteclaws Could be one of those "kids". You know, those loud litte things with ridiculous amounts of enthusiasm to compensate for what they lack in knowledge / information processing ability, that always run around and shout about how they are in the center of everything and how the world revolves around them. :/

    Edit: the game was just as broken as expected. Don't really care if troll, but it was terrible either way...

  • The Squeal is out now!

    Much added features!


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  • I saw it on Newgrounds - how did it survive the rating section, is unknown to me... >_>

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