Back to the 80�s - Retro-Breakout-Clone

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  • Hello everybody,

    the weekend is allmost over and as I promissed - here is the improved version of the "BACK TO THE 80?s - Retro Breakout"

    Link to the Game


    • More Bonus Items (incl. Laser)
    • Sound & (simple) Music
    • improved collisions
    • less extra balls
    • more levels
    • random particle backgrounds
    • solid blocks
    • local highscore
    • countdown to extra ball
    • pause function
    • random levels (just for the beta-version)
    • and a few more...

    I hope you all enjoy the game and feel free to give me feedback...


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  • Nice remake, what tool did you use to do the electronic voices?

  • Very nice <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Thanks for testing,

    and Cryptwalker: It was an online voice generator (the voice is called Diana. effects: old robot, low an fast)

    see you


  • Good progress with all the extra's.

    Love the insert coin, it would be funky if we could hear that familiar sound of a clunky coin going into the slot and dropping down when you start the game. :)

    I have to say in this version the gameplay is a bit slower than the previous, the blocks that cannot be broken can make each stage go for a loooong time! (though this would be resolved if you could aim the ball a little more reliably - it feels like it just bounces regardless of where i have my paddle positioned).

  • Hello everybody,

    small changelog for today:

    Padel-Collision-Polygon has now round corners again; to give you more control over the ball (thx to GenkoGenga for the information)

    Pixel-Rounding is activated now, I hope it will improve the collisiondetection...

    Have a nice evening


    P.S. Link to the Game

  • It seems a lot more responsive now (sometimes it moves where you dont expect it to - but a lot more fun in my opinion).

    Good work.

  • Hello everybody,

    the actual BETA-Version is now availible on Facebook and has also a Like and comment-function...

    have fun with it!


    P.S. Link to the Game

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