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    New version of Atomworks is available on:

    The game will be released on Android/iPhone/WP, I'm hoping to finish it by September.

    I've set up a sign-up form

    if you're interested to get the e-mail announcement for the mobile release.

    There's also a fun interview I did for this blog ... -senadmmg/

    It's got more info about he future of the game and the development process.

    Thanks everyone for the great comments!


    Atomworks - play on website

    This is my first game. It's in early beta stage. I'm showcasing the basic levels and testing gameplay. Here is some basic info:

    • visuals are mostly done for this stage of the game
    • UI is still work in progress, it has basic functionality for now but I'm not happy how it looks
    • there is music, but no sound effects for now
    • there is still lot of new things to implement including new game mechanics and levels
    • it's not mobile optimised (yet)

    I was hoping to get it on Scirra arcade but sadly some of the behaviors are not supported.

    Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks.

    Some screenshots:

  • Exellent style and theme, really enjoyed it. I think it's going to be awesome when you complete it. Mobile support will be excellent. Well done.

  • Well done, I really really like the style too..

    What tools did you using to create the animation effects?!

  • liaeb

    For animation I'm using 3DSMax. But it's just the basic stuff. For example the red orb animation was created with rotation and a simple noise modifier.

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  • Windwalker

    Thanks. I designed the game for mobile in mind from the start. One of the early decisions I made that the game must be played in portrait orientation with fixed buttons. Actually I just asked myself a question: Can I play it on the bus ride home?

  • I absolutely like the idea. Designs of those object can be improved but still looks nice like this.

    When i start to play i afraid of loosing the ball if it goes out edges of screen than realized its bouncing back. You may think to show edges of the game. Not necessary of course but it may improve gameplay.

    I like those kind of original ideas. Keep working mate i am following.

  • onur

    Initially I had thick edges on the screen to indicate the ball will bounce of them like you suggested but I removed them because they visually cluttered the screen. I'll probably put up "How to play" screen so it should be more clear.

    Thanks for your support.

  • Really impressive. Maybe giving a launch angle will be more effective. What kind of a effect do you used for black orb?

  • For black orb animation I used 3D program to explode the orb into polygons (fragments). Then I moved center of explosion around to get frames for each possible position (center of explosion = red orb). Construct calculates position of red orb relative to black one then triggers the right frame of the animation.

    Hope it makes sense :)

  • exellent :D music looks like evangelis blade runner a little bit, very good with the graphics :D

  • That is exactly the vibe I was going for :)

    Music is probably the only aspect I have no creative control over and I searched for at least a month for a perfect track. I'm really happy with it, worth every penny.

  • Really good stuff!

  • Wow, impressive portfolio you've got there. And that Orbital gameplay video is really interesting, I watched it 3 times to catch all the actions.

  • Absolutly GREAT!!!

    Great Idea!

    Great Visual!

    Great Music!

    When can i get it on my Windows Phone (via Windows Store)? ;)

  • Thanks for your support.

    I still have another 2-3 months of development but it's definitely coming to Windows Phone (it's probably going to be first platform I'm going to launch on).

    I've set up a Atomworks sign-up form for email newsletter if you are interested. It's just to announce new levels and big launch day :)

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