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  • Arrow Keys move player

    Bump into object to pickup

    Press space to drop item holding.

    Bridge enables you to go through walls in maze rooms. Carry as with other objects then drop and cross. You can carry item over bridge.

    As of now the game only has player movement and certain objects coded for carry see list below. No AI yet although you will find the dragons as you walk about.

    Able to pick up

    All keys



    <img src="" border="0" />

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  • Events are coming along fine in this I already have the keys opening all castles based on color and now the sword kills the dragon. You can enter open castles as well as exit only a few more things to do and this will be finished. I have some view issues as far as precision not sure why it gets off I think I stretched my map or something. I may or may not fix that since this game can not be used for anything other than the learning since it is not my own concept.

    Things I will work on before I update the link....

    AI dragons attack players who get within range.

    Bat randomly flies in and steals your item in hand

    And game objective (get golden Chalice and bring into your castle.

    If there is still event space I may make it randomize the items so its a new game every play.

  • Not finished but do have an update with much more added some touch controls as well....

    Not sure why but in my android devices using Chrome browser the game gets wierd and does not run correct... Yet it works fin on my PC on Chrome?

  • I know it's been a long time but I'm working with something similar and any project files you have would be a huge help because I'm awful.

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