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  • This is my Asteroids clone I've been working on (with germs rather than Asteroids). Still working out how to do a few things so it's FAR from finished but because of the amount of graphics in the game it takes longer to load than anything I've done before. On that note, can someone tell me how long it took to come on and if you think it's too long?

    If it is I'll have to see about reducing the size.

    WASD to move and left mouse button to fire.


    EDIT* I linked to the wrong version :)

  • Hide the cursor. I get confused, thinking I aiming with the mouse.

    Really nice Sprite art! <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

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  • Good point, will do and thanks :)

  • hey

    Not a bad starting point, music was a bit loud and jarring, but overall not bad.

    Basicaly took about 20-30 seconds to load (im on 30mb line) but it was sunday peek time. Music took longer i started the first game and music took a few seconds before it started.

    Destroyed all the asteroids and a new level didnt start and the game didnt end, it just sat there spawning the ocasional alien ship.

    If mouse isnt going to aim, I think it might be better to use space or x or z to fire... less confusion that way... just a thought.

  • Thanks for the ideas. The music isn't pre-loaded, which I plan on doing and the volume will definatly be lower as you're right, it is too loud.

    The issue with the game not doing anything at the end is something I'm having issues with and atm I'm not sure if it's a bug in C2. I've discovered that some enemy sprites get 'stuck' in a channel along the outer edge of the screen, and only coming onto the screen if you're lucky. I think it's the WRAP function as I've seen others mention the same problem in the bugs forum and I've just moved a thread on it back to the top of the bug forum here hoping someone can tell me if it's something I'm doing or indeed a C2 issue.

    Thanks for taking a look anyway. :)

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