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  • Hey all,

    Over the weekend I started working on a fun little side project I was building, its a shootemup bullet dodging game/puzzler.

    At the moment all I have created is a basic survival mode, but I will also be building a large story game with levels to complete. Every image in the game is either ascii letters or made up of asci code... even the image on the menu.

    I have added it to the arcade but it hasnt appeared yet. so in the meantime you can play it here:

    Its quite simple,

    Arrows control movement

    Mouse direction for aiming

    Left click shoots

    Be careful as a Right click when in game will detonate your current vessel. (included for testing purposes for a later game mechanic)

    The survival mode gives you 5 ship types with different speeds and weapons, as you die you change ship type and weapon type.

    I am now working on the first level for the story mode in the game.

  • is it really nice, u just need to fix the hardness of game :)

  • Hi thanks for the feedback, I agree lol. I am currently building levels which will be large worlds to explore with enemies to shoot with behaviours within the game suitable to the areas they are in etc, plus simple puzzles to navigate etc.

  • Realty nice visuals, very colorful. But eventually, my mouse will break in peaces with all that clicking. Make shooting possible with just holding the mouse, maybe slower when it is pressed so if you want the full effect you have to click fast.

    score: 600, after this it become boring and i lost the desire to live so i committed suicide.

    For now, it is no more then 2/5 stars, but when you add the levels and the story mode i hope it will be more stars.

  • Thank you for the comments, I will likely make shooting clicable to begin with and then upgrades as the game progresses will give you the ability to hold the mouse down.

    2 out of 5 for an early alpha isnt bad, hopefully will have the opening level soon.

  • very cool game here, my eyes is full of colour when playing it :)), but i can't see where enemy's bullet is coming... it's the main point why this game is too hard .

  • Glad you like the colour, it will be even better with the levels that I am designing, the enemy bullets spawn once when you destroy an enemy at that spot and then i think another bullet randomily spawns from the top as well.

    But yes I amped up the difficulty because I only had one basic enemy type, as i build the levels i will add new enemy types to the endless game mode and reduce the amount spawning which will make it easier to play and see all parts. :)

  • I really like the look of this game. I've always been very partial to odd, interesting and perhaps quirky ideas and this one's definitely not your typical shooter.

    I wouldn't really say it's ASCII myself, it's just got all the character of an ASCII game. I like it better than a standard ASCII game, which would typically be limited to tile-based movement.

    Looking forward to seeing more on this one!

  • Hi, yes you are right of course it isnt really an ascii game... poetic license heh. I hope to have more for everyone to see soon.

    Also the game is now in the arcade:

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  • I really like how you have done the graphics, also the movement is nice. I think it shows massive potential.

    Ill wait for the stage to come out before I give any crit.

    Nice work AJ.

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