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  • hello there!

    pleased to meat your aquaintence , im a small time poster long time lurker, and today im here to show you what ive been working on lately, i finally decided im gonna finish something for once, and by the gods ill do it !

    So this here is a demo of what ive been working on, its a hack and slash/beatemup/platformer, or maybe something else, who knows, anyways its about fast paced kicking butt and getting better stuff for kicking more butt and be the king of butt kicking muhahaha! herm herm im am NOT a programmer ( if you cant tell from the bugs ) but i pick up stuff from here and there and apply it to my game, what suits it anyway, aand im also learning some coding along the way ofc.

    right now im struggling with the AI , cause i want the enemies to be smart...i know...why would i do that ? go figure...and making those guys learn how to avoid obstacles and pathfind to the player is giving me a headache, so if you guys got any tips ill be sure to send lots of hugs and kisses emojis

    apologies for bad framerate, the game is much faster.


    obviusly this is work in progress so alot of things are place holders, now some of the animation FX i "borrowed" from other artists or games(i think it was just 2 or 3 things honestly) but of course those will be changed in the future, everything else is made by me ( animations and most graphics). oh the music is not mine either.

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  • Looks promising, good luck with it :)

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  • Looks promising, good luck with it :)

    thanks ;)

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