Arithmos - an educational puzzle game

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An amazing and interesting puzzle game for kids!
  • I am happy to finally launch the first official beta version of my new game:

    <font size="3">Arithmos - an educational puzzle game</font>

    I work as a math and computer science teacher, and the game is mainly designed for children aged 10-16. The purpose of the game is to train problem solving, logical thinking and simple arithmetics in a fun and new way.

    The game is meant to be played on touch screen devices, and I will launch an iOS and an Android version soon. The browser version is best experienced using a web browser supporting WebGL shaders (such as Google Chrome).

    How to play

    The goal of the game is simple: destroy all the bubbles.

    Two identical bubbles containing numbers are destroyed by clicking them. There are also bubbles containing operators (+, - and *), and by clicking a number, followed by an operator and another number the bubbles are combined into a new bubble with the result of the operation.

    The game is sill in a beta stage, and I will probably add Facebook integration and a score counting system. The difficulty of the game increases over time, but the levels aren't fully calibrated yet. I will also add support for more languages.

    Try it out and let me know what you think!

  • Actually a fun game, you should develop it a bit further and consider porting it to a mobile os - I would buy it (if there were more and harder lvls.. ;))

  • Very nice :). I could see this becoming a great game with ramp in difficulty and possibly a timer to promote level-scores (maybe gold, silver bronze time to solve).

  • Looking good :) Nice with the subtle water shader.

  • basti

    very nice sir...with more levels and some polish, i could see this easily as a phone/tablet game.

  • Wow, nice game.

    Congratulations basti :)

  • Thank you for your comments!

    I am planning to add a score system, and also some new gameplay elements to make the game more interesting and last longer.


    I have now tweaked the levels a bit and calibrated the difficulty, and also added score and star rating.

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  • Very good concept.

    Fun for an educational game, I really dislike the graphics though.

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