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  • Hi Constructerz,

    I finished a playable version of my game that you can find here :

    It requires a mouse and a keyboard to play efficiently (unless you're really skilled with your laptop pad).

    I made it using Construct 2 (obviously), Spriter and due to my lack of drawing skills, MSPaint.

    Any feedback and comments are greatly appreciated as I'm aware that my game is far from finished.


  • The homemade sounds are a little annoying.. but other than that, not bad. Very simple gameplay. Would be much more fun with more interesting shooting mechanics, like those drag and release controls seen in some flash games!

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  • The sounds are from so I don't really have any control sound-wise. I'm working on a gameplay that will be a little bit more exciting. :)

  • well it seems more like a concept of the game. But have to say if like rory said game machanics are polished, new graphics added ..could be one small enyoable game ;)

  • I tried with my laptop pad and you were right, it's really difficult. But I liked the idea. It's a good shooter game. Of course, there are always a couple of things to improve. I like your choice of graphics (stick men) and I will suggest if you want more inspiration for improving them, look at "canvas rider". You might know it. This game uses stick men and the graphics are nice.

  • Thanks guys. :)

    I just looked at "Canvas Rider" and I do like the style of graphics. It's really simple and clean. We'll see if I'll keep the stickmen but in any case, the graphics need to be improved!

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