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  • Hi,

    I wanted to recreate the fake 3d effect from classic games like "Dungeon Master" or "Eye of the beholder", so I used construct to make a prototype.

    It's still work in progress but it's working, I just need to make a few more assets(you'll notice there are some basic ones missing) but the "coding" part is finished.

    Here's the demo I made : Link to it

    Use "WASD" to move and "Q/E" to turn around. On the left side it's the game itself, on the right side there's a mini-map.

    I'd like to make a free Android game using this. Probably a puzzle game, even when this camera system was used by a lot of dungeon crawlers.

    If anyone wants to help just leave a reply, I could use an artist if somebody is interested.

    P.D.: Here's my blog - Link

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  • Nice! I'm working on something very similar...but going for the full on dungeon approach...

    My art skills are not good enough to help out, but good luck with this...

  • that's really cool dude! I see alot of potential in this!

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