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  • I finally did it. It is for Android (for free) so I will be glad for any sharing playing etc. See the info below and link on google (there is also trailer) <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_exclaim.gif" alt=":!:" title="Exclamation"> ... ter.mobiga


    Do you remember those old-fashioned “pong“ type of games? So now imagine it in circle with unique design, challenging game-play and with lots of content! How much Score can you make?

    You have to keep the ball bouncing in the circle by moving your paddle and trying to hit all spawning points. It seems quite simple but imagine that there are many types of paddles, balls and points, each of them having their own unique behavior that influence the whole game-play. There is also a Score Multiplier that is rising during the time so the longer you survive, the larger your Score Multiplier will be. You can hit points in a row to make combos like Double Hit, Multi Hit etc. and with these combos your multiplier rises faster!

    Earn points as much as you can to rise your Total Score and you will be continuously unlocking new types of paddles, their tiers, balls and points.


    • Addictive game-play
    • Simple and challenging
    • 15 types of Paddles and 4 tiers for each of them
    • 12 types of Balls
    • 5 types of Points with different behavior
    • Combos and Score Multiplier system
    • Sound, Music and even Voice-over!
    • Online Leaderboard to compete with other players
    • More than 40 Achievements

    Start like a rookie, improve yourself to be a pro and then maybe you will become a true Pong Master!!!

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    any feedback will be great

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